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Grandma's Amazing Arm

The Adventures of Malia Mouse

ISBN: 978-0-578-16832-6

Parents Notes From June Durr -

The Author’s Personal Experiences…


Growing up in a foster home, I already knew what it felt like to be looked at and treated differently by outsiders. Challenges happen to everyone at some time or another, and most of them come and go. Through my latest personal experiences expressed in this book, my daily interaction with my granddaughters and children we encountered everyday, I realized I wanted to encourage children to take a new approach with challenged or disabled people and those with special needs. I want to help teach the children to look at these wonderful people through new eyes of kind sensitivity and helpfulness. This outreach for children includes observing their peers with sensitivity, those who are wheelchair bound, or others with special disabilities. It may be awkward at first for some children to relate. People may look different on the outside, but children have the natural ability to see people as they really are on the inside. Children can respond to the fact that others have similar feelings and dreams as they do, and they also still need encouragement from people of ALL ages. Parents, friends and relatives, can help by teaching and reminding children to be as polite to challenged people/peers, as they would be to all people. Approach them with a face-to-face smile, and offer to open doors or help with packages. Remind children to talk about the disability in private, so the person is not embarrassed and to not spotlight their disability. Let children know the courage it takes for people with disabilities to do ordinary or extraordinary things, and that limitations of some sort affect everyone at some time or another. Thank children for setting the example that all people will be blessed by their compassion and attitude of polite respect. Grandma’s Amazing Arm is the first in a future series of books by June Durr that address medical and social issues for children and ‘Tweens.’